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Proofing Galleries.... What do I do?!

You have received your Proofing Gallery, now what? Well now you get to pick out your favorites. Why is this a great option? Several reasons. The first being time. When you chose your favorites then I get to go in and spend time editing just a few instead of a whole galleries worth. It is the difference of usually around 150 to 200 edits. It is a huge time saver for me. And that is just with a family session. A wedding can mean the difference of 500 or 600 photos, sometimes more. Cost. Generally When you are given a package with an image limit, for example a mini session, it comes with 3 digital files. If you purchased these files from me individually they would be $25 each plus a session fee of $99 however for Mini sessions I only charge the $99 session fee and gift you 3 free images with the option to purchase more images if you find that you can't just chose 3 from your session. The last reason is really just a connivence thing. Its easy to scroll through the gallery and favorite your favorite images. You just click on the little stars on the bottom center left side and I will get a notification that you favorited that image. I will then go in and open that original file and edit out any imperfections in the image. I will remove any stray boogers on kiddos, spots of drool. I can remove exterior cavities from teeth if you request it. I do a bang up job removing skin blemishes and unevenness. And can make your newborn look smooth skinned if they are dealing with extreme dryness( If that is what you request, though I am inclined to leave it natural if it isn't requested.) I will also remove any darker edges where my shutter may have been dragging a little due to the strobe. I will also Do any cropping at this time as well as removing any distractions. Such as removing distracting background photobombers. lol. The Proofing Gallery is where you would remind me of any extra post processing work we might have discussed during the photoshoot. I am always a message away if you have any questions. If you try to reach out via Phone call instead of message or text, Please Leave a Voicemail. I do not answer phone calls Due to At&Ts terrible spam filter. I am so inundated with spam phone calls I no longer answer Phone numbers that are not saved in my phone.

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