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I Received My Gallery Link, Now What?

So you received the link for your completed gallery. What now? Why are there more than one different albums in my gallery? These are great questions. Your gallery may have came with 2 or even 3 different albums depending on what you indicated you posted to most often. If you didn't really indicate one way or another then I have included an album of images sized ideally for social media sites like Facebook in a rectangular format. However if you also indicated you are a regular Instagram user I may have included a album of images that are pre-cropped and watermarked for Instagram as well. I also include a folder of print sized files that includes a print release if your package included that option. If you are uploading to social media and you are downloading to your phone please use the pre-sized watermarked files. I have two reasons for asking this. One is for you, one is for me. In regards to you, the print sized files are very large and will take up ridiculous amounts of storage on your phone, social media sites will also compress large files which will completely ruin quality. As for how it helps me..when you used the pre-sized watermarked files for social media Its like a quiet little shout out to my small woman owned business. And in Photography word of mouth is the biggest factor when it comes to generating business. Those quiet unconscious shoutouts mean a lot to small businesses like me.

Printing your images. I will have a shopping cart set up on your Gallery. You are in no way expected to use it. It is there for convenience. It is set up with an amazing professional printing lab that will send you amazing quality prints. Yes they are more expensive. But I will admit when I have prints made I order my prints from a professional lab not your over the counter options like the Wals, or CVS. I find the quality of the print just last a lot longer and I get a better quality product. But if you would prefer to go with a more immediate route you are welcome too. There is a print release included in your Print gallery if any of your retail printers request it. You should just be able to open up the image on your phone and show it to them. However I have included my contact information on it in case they need to confirm the release.

Thank you so much for your patience while your waited on your gallery,

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