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Christina Tomey


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So you've found the about me page... I generally find talking about oneself very difficult at the best of times. But in the interest of everyone getting to know me, I thought I might start with some interesting facts.


  • I am a single mom. I have one daughter and 3 bonus songs. 

  • My grandmother introduced me to photography when I was about 7

  • I love Jesus. I won't force my religion on you, but I will definitely share my testimony if you ask. 

  • I grew up with undiagnosed ADHD and Anxiety. As an adult now diagnosed, I believe that I relate better to kids who struggle with those issues.  

  • I am a certified Paraprofessional going to college to get a dual degree in Elementary education and Special Education.

  • I love all things creative. 

  • When I drive anywhere, I always sit in my car and listen to the music after shutting it off. Guilty of being a car singer as well. 


So now you know some fun facts about me, and you might be wondering, but really what makes her so unique that I would want to hire her? I love photography. I love the emotion that I can capture on a groom's face the first time he sees his bride as she comes into view. Capturing the unadulterated joy of a toddler playing in a sea of bubbles makes my heart smile. I am also infinitely patient. As I shared in my fun facts, I have ADHD and anxiety. These disorders help me understand others who might not be their best selves because they are in a new place or may feel overwhelmed by unfamiliar sights or sounds. This is especially true as many kids can be overwhelmed in unfamiliar spaces. I also love to learn, so I am always learning techniques and processes, so I don't believe my style ever gets stale.  


If you have any questions for me or want to book a session, check out my booking link or email me!  

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